About the Search Process

Deans at the University of Southern California are charged to be transformative leaders. They articulate bold visions for their schools and marshal the resources needed to achieve their objectives. They are committed to equity and the inclusion of traditionally underrepresented constituencies, understanding that this makes our university stronger, and they excite the support of their respective schools’ faculty, students, alumni, stakeholders, university colleagues, and neighbors. Deans report to the Provost and work together with deans of other schools in the Provost’s Council; they are members of the senior leadership team of the university.

USC conducts dean searches under the leadership of the Provost. We search for exceptional leaders from a diverse pool of candidates who have the background and experience, and demonstrate the personal and professional capacity, to advance their schools and strengthen the University’s academic excellence and global leadership.

As part of our process, the Provost appoints a chair – typically a sitting dean – and, in consultation with that chair and other advisors and stakeholders, invites individuals (mainly faculty) to serve on a search advisory committee. As part of our search process, we typically hold listening sessions to hear which qualities faculty, staff, and students of the school prioritize in their next leader. All members of a school’s community are encouraged to nominate outstanding candidates for the deanship.

We also reach out nationally and internationally for candidates. The advisory search committee considers all nominations and applications, and provides their advice about finalists to the Provost. The Provost may create an additional advisory group that can be comprised of a student, staff and other stakeholders to provide input. The President, in consultation with the Provost, makes the final appointment.