Scope of Position

The Dean is the chief academic, administrative, and fiscal officer of The USC Roski School of Art and Design reporting to the Provost and serving as a member of the Provost’s Council. The Provost’s Council includes the deans of the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and 18 professional schools. The Dean is the School’s leading spokesperson to a broad constituency including alumni, university leaders, faculty, students, the arts, business and philanthropic communities. A commitment to diversity and inclusion with regard to underrepresented groups is essential and organic to the Dean’s leadership and management of the school.

The Dean, with input from all affected constituencies, articulates the School’s vision, receive buy-in from relevant stakeholders and communicate that vision internally and externally. The successful candidate will inspire and activate the University’s institutional, intellectual, creative and community resources to ensure realization of the mission and vision throughout the institution, and with the enthusiastic support of the community at large.


  1. Establishing and executing the strategic goals for the people, processes, and resources needed to deliver the highest quality education to Roski’s undergraduate and graduate students.
  2. Ensuring alignment between the School’s goals and the overarching goals of the University.
  3. Inspiring and uniting faculty, students and administration behind a common vision and mission that includes art, design and critical studies and continues to build strong bonds between these three disciplines
  4. Continuing to build and lead a robust ongoing and consistent development/advancement program and ensuring a capital reserve to fund programs, people and other resources. Being actively engaged in the continuation of USC’s fundraising campaign. Encouraging and facilitating grant applications.
  5. Establishing relationships and collaborating with other University senior leaders and colleagues. Building and leveraging outside community, cultural, academic media, business, philanthropic and alumni relationships to benefit the School. Acting as a thought leader to the artists, designers, scholars in the academic disciplines, professions and industries at Roski and globally.
  6. Developing and enhancing innovative curriculum and programs. Ensuring the full resources of this leading research university are being utilized to develop and enhance interdisciplinary programs. Ensuring USC Roski School of Art and Design’s facilities are continually developing, funded and remaining state of the art.
  7. Leading, developing, cultivating and hiring diverse world-class faculty and staff including recruitment, evaluation, promotion and termination.
  8. Communicating performance metrics to faculty, staff and administration.
  9. Facilitating pedagogy at the nexuses of scholarship, creativity and professional practice.
  10. Developing and managing budgets. Overseeing the allocation of expenditure and resources. Improving, developing and maintaining processes and procedures to ensure best in class financial management, controls and reporting, as well as operational efficiencies and oversight processes.
  11. Reviewing admission requirements and ensuring applicant excellence.
  12. Ensuring the School continues to retain the highest rankings.
  13. Advocating on behalf of the School to relevant institutions, organizations, media and businesses and all other relevant global sources of influence. Attending and representing the School at relevant conferences, events and other appearances. Expanding upon the School’s circle of influence and global impact.


The successful candidate is a champion of the study, advancement and importance of art, design and critical studies. The dean has a track record of significant, internationally recognized professional accomplishment and/or scholarship in a key field represented at Roski and has earned a reputation for creating and stimulating intellectual thought and/or a body of work. This entrepreneurial leader has focused energy that will enable him/her to inspire and unite people, raise funds, and fulfill promises.

A natural leader, easy communicator and accomplished manager of people and budgets, the Dean builds consensus, and is a firm decision maker. Intuitive by nature and in possession of a high degree of emotional intelligence, the successful candidate’s ability to influence ranges from artists to scholars to practitioners to the cultural and business communities. The Dean moves comfortably and effectively between highly structured bureaucratic and laissez-faire venues and fosters a collegial environment. A strong advocate for the School, the Dean presents plans and points of view to the measurable benefit of the USC Roski School of Art and Design and demonstrates the overall benefit to the University and community.

The successful candidate recognizes and is excited by the enormous possibilities for The Roski School of Art and Design in a world-class research university environment. The prospective Dean sees the opportunities for students to access numerous and varied disciplines and enhance their visual arts studies and, specifically, the intersections of research and practice, design, art, and critical thinking. The Dean’s excitement extends to a keen understanding of what it means to be in the diverse energy of 21st century Los Angeles, and the opportunity presented in this center of philanthropic, cultural and academic institutions and the creative industries.


  • Passionate, experienced, knowledgeable and curious about art, design, creatives and higher education. Open-minded and empathetic.
  • Entrepreneurial.
  • Ability to fundraise.
  • Ability to communicate to and lead diverse constituencies and stakeholders.
  • Ability to manage people, budgets and operations.
  • Innovative and effective in creating and executing new programs.
  • Previous leadership experience in an academic or related cultural, not-for-profit or private sector institution.